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Energy Efficiency Made Easy

Energy Efficiency Made Easy

External Insulation offers superior energy efficiency and has an advantage over most exterior claddings. This benefit is delivered by placing a continuous layer of insulation on the outside of the building providing superior U-Values and major energy savings.

Take a look at our diagrams to understand in more detail how efficient our system is.



You will see from the thermal imaging pictures above, the major difference between an insulated property and a non-insulated property. The yellow and red areas in the first pictures is heat leaving the building. The second image shows you the same property once externally insulated and rendered. The heat loss is dramatically reduced saving money and therefore lower carbon emissions.

Superior U-Value

Simply defined, U Value measures how hard it is for energy to move through your wall. The lower the U-Value, the more resistance there is to energy movement through the wall. The less your building’s heating or air-conditioning system has to work, the more energy and money you save. Due to the benefit of the insulation being placed on the outside of the building.

External Insulation provides superior energy saving benefits. Choosing the right external facade can impact on your building operating cost. Choosing an External Insulation system offers an energy efficient and beautiful alternative that can provide truly long term benefits.