Experts in Rendering and Wall Insulation

Features & Benefits

By insulating your home you can save up to £500 a year on your heating bill This means that the work carried out will have paid for itself within 5 years* depending on work carried out and size of home.

Your home will have a complete face lift adding value to your home.  Also the finished we use are all maintenance free and have guarantees ranging from 20 years plus against colour fade and defects.  This means that there will be no danger of any old loose render falling off your home and possible injuring yourself or others!!

Other reasons are that you are dramatically reducing your homes carbon footprint, due to the reduced heat loss and use of heating

  • Reduce your heating bills by 40%.
  • An effective way to stop wasting energy and money at home.
  • Heat your home more efficiently using less energy.
  • Significantly reduce your home’s carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, one of the biggest causes of climate change.
  • Have a new attractive highly weatherproof exterior that is low maintenance, through coloured and long lasting.
  • Increases the value of your home by 20%.
  • Fills cracks and gaps in the brickwork, which will reduce draughts.
  • Increases the lifetime of a home’s walls by protecting the brickwork.
  • No need to vacate your home whilst works are been done.
  • Does not reduce the floor area of your home.