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Frequently Asked Questions

I have a solid external wall, will it be suitable for External insulation?

Yes solid external walls or walls constructed of hollow cavity blocks are ideally suitable for external insulation.

What type of finish is available?

There are numerous finishes available from textured, smooth, scraped, wet-dash, roughcast and sponged. Any existing colour can be replicated. View our Colour Chart to find out more

Will it change the appearance of my house?

It depends on what finish you choose. You may choose to replicate the existing finish to your home or completely change the appearance. There are countless finishes and colours to choose from. Either way your home will be given a complete facelift as well as totally improving its thermal insulation and value. (if insulation is used)

How does external insulation keep the heat in and keep the cold out?

We recommend you read our insulation information page to understand how our External Insulation system is undoubtedly the ideal choice to save you money in the longrun.

Will the render crack over time?

Please read our page on durability to read about building stress.

What does “Monocouche” mean?

Monocouche is a French word which literally translates to “One Coat”. Basically meaning a render which fulfills both the functions of weatherproofing and decorative appearance. Monocouche render is usually coloured.

How can external insulation save me money?

To read more on the money saving benefits of external insulation, please read our pages on Energy Efficiency Made Easy.