Experts in Rendering and Wall Insulation

Render Only

If your house already benefits from having cavity wall insulation, and you are just looking to give your house a facelift, then REND-RIGHT can help. 

We use a wide range of through coloured finishes that incorporate state of the art cement and synthetic silicone resin technology formulation, designed to give excellent long lasting through colour and weather protection, with high levels of flexibility.

Measures are always taken to ensure that the monocouche render is strong and crack resistant, ensuring that it lasts at least 20 years maintenance free.  For more information read our page on durability

Monocouche is a cement based through coloured one-coat pre-mixed ready to use material with the addition of clean water the only requirement. Polymer modified and through coloured, the polymer adds a high water repellent quality, repelling water from the surface of the render system, while allowing vapour to pass through the render. The through colour and one-coat features allow fast application with reduced program periods, thereby reducing the time of the job. Monocouche can also be used as a finish coat on top of an insulated system.

Using a spray machine to render your house is very fast.  Meaning that some jobs can be started and finished in a couple of days. 

The process is simply:

1. Monocouche is mixed and sprayed on to the facade with ready mix plaster mixing machine.
2. Monocouche is applied in “one coat’ up to 20mm, water ratio has to be kept constant until the end of the application.
3. Levelling & ruling off directly after the spray application.
4. The render must be levelled with straight edge/derby.
5. Depending on weather conditions, when the surface is hard enough, it is scraped with spike scratcher. The timing to start this process is when the Material does not block the nails of the scrapping tool.



A render only finish such as monocouche can make a massive difference to any building, bringing it back to life and up to date.