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What is External Wall Insulation?

What is External Wall Insulation?

Houses built before 1930s and some in later years typically have solid masonary walls, thus meaning no cavity between the inner and outer layer brick. 

Heat loss through the external walls is on average 35%. External wall insulation is a way of preventing energy waste and cutting up to 25% of the fuel bills. In addition to its weather proofing benefits, where the building fabric of older houses is in a poor state of repair, External wall insulation can deal with both the structural and aesthetic issues.

Our exterior wall coating resists the build up of unsightly mould and algae. It covers scarring and surface imperfections and will not chip, flake or peel. It is also resistant to penetrating damp. All of which eliminates the need for frequent re-painting and for extra peace of mind our exterior wall coatings are guaranteed.

External wall insulation also helps prevent “Cold Bridging”. Cold Bridging occurs when a material that is a good conductor of heat makes a “bridge” between the warm interior and the cold exterior. They are a significant source of heat loss and can lead to mould and condensation forming in buildings.