Experts in Rendering and Wall Insulation

What’s involved in the rendering process

Carried out by a professional installation company, the following stages will take place: 

  • A full survey of the property and quotation will be undertaken.
  • Samples will be provided for guidance on colour and texture of the chosen finish.
  • Fixtures such as satellite dishes, telephone wires, boiler outlets or flues and electricity meters will be adapted or temporarily removed prior to work starting.
  • Flashings or extensions to roof verges or eaves may be required to accommodate the system. 
  • Some noise from drilling will be experienced as insulation boards are fixed to the existing wall.
Most properties will take between one and three weeks to complete depending upon size, complexity and finish.

1. Substrate

2. P11 Polymer Adhesive

3. Insulation

4. HP3 High Polymer Base

5. Fibre reinforcing mesh

6. HP3 High Polymer Base coat

7. KR Silicone Primer

8. KR Silicone Render


Insulation boards are fixed to the wall using P11 Polymer Adhesive and fixed to the substrate with fixing bolts – this ensures that the boards have 0% movement.



HP3 High Polymer Base Coat is then applied to the insulation boards, reinforcing fibre mesh is applied into the HP3 High Polymer Base Coat – this adds increased impact and flexural strength.



Once the HP3 High Polymer Base Coat is dry a through coloured high performance finish is applied.

At this stage a number of different finish coats can be applied.

Your home will have a complete face lift adding value to your home.  The finishes we use are all maintenance free and have guarantees of 20 years plus against colour fade and defects.  This means that there will be no danger of any old loose render falling off your home and possibly injuring yourself or others!!

The base coats used by REND-RIGHT  are high performance, polymer modified products. They are formulated using unique cross-linked polymer technology offering the highest levels of flexibility and adhesion available in the market today. The products offer excellent levels of workability and can be applied on to most building substrates.

Our range of coloured finishes is based on state of the art cement and synthetic silicone resin technology formulation, designed to give excellent long lasting through colour and weather protection, with high levels of flexibility. All products provide excellent workability ensuring fast easy application.

Dramatically reducing your homes carbon footprint, due to the reduced heat loss and use of heating.

Technology has been developed as part of our commitment to the environment. Within our formulations, we use a sustainable percentage of high quality recycled plate glass. By sourcing and processing our own raw materials we are leading the way in sustainable products.

REND-RIGHT are committed to continual improvement in its environmental performance, through the implementation of its environmental management system and the focus on key areas of the business including;

  • Responsible manufacturing
  • Recycling of paper and packaging
  • Use of sustainable raw material
  • Minimisation of energy consumption in the offices
  • Geographical location planning and route mapping to minimise transport
  • Use of information technology to reduce paper consumption