Experts in Rendering and Wall Insulation

Why insulate your home?

REND-RIGHT external wall insulation systems are suitable for both traditional and non-traditional solid wall housing and can significantly reduce heat loss.  This leads to lower heating bills and carbon emissions.

As well as improving thermal efficiency, REND-RIGHT external wall insulation systems will completely revitalise the external appearance of your home. 

REND-RIGHT specialise in the design and construction of external wall insulation, solid wall insulation and exterior render systems.

Why use an External Wall Insulation System? 

Around 25% – 35% of energy used to heat homes in Britain are lost through solid property walls.

Traditionally solid wall homes or those without a cavity, have been known as “ Hard to Heat ” homes as the heat quickly passes through the walls and this cannot be reduced by cavity wall insulation for example.

Until recent times in the UK there has been very little that could be done to insulate these types of walls but fortunately we are now beginning to adopt insulation practices that have been used in European countries such as Germany for more than 50 years, namely external wall insulation systems.

To put it simply, the system involves cladding the whole of the exterior walls with insulation sheets and then weather proofing the sheets with an attractive coloured render, brick or stone finish. The result is not only a new looking property but one that will be hugely warmer whilst also saving money on the heating bills in winter.

External Wall Insulation System (or EWIS) is a thermally insulated, protective, decorative exterior cladding system which consists of foamed polystyrene, mineral wool, polyurethane foam, mineral or synthetic plaster.

The External Wall Insulation System prevents cold from penetrating through the walls and stop heat leakage. Used both in existing buildings and buildings under construction. Suitable for: one-family house or multi-family housing. It is especially recommended for thermal renovation of buildings constructed in the obsolete energy-consuming technologies (e.g. houses built of solid brick walls or prefabricated concrete).

EWIS effects are long lasting. Properly designed and correctly applied insulation enhances wall thermal insulation and provides better microclimate of interiors. Efficient thermal insulation of a building save energy and thus lower heating costs. One-time investment in quality thermal insulation helps you to save on heating costs every winter over the whole building lifespan. External insulation protects the walls from temperature fluctuation.

The External Wall Insulation System reduces the demand for heat, which results in decreasing a discharge of gases thus caring for environment.


What is External Wall Insulation?

Houses built before 1930s and some in later years typically have solid masonary walls, thus meaning no cavity between the inner and outer layer brick. 

Heat loss through the external walls is on average 35%. External wall insulation is a way of preventing energy waste and cutting up to 25% of the fuel bills. In addition to its weather proofing benefits, where the building fabric of older houses is in a poor state of repair, External wall insulation can deal with both the structural and aesthetic issues.

Our exterior wall coating resists the build up of unsightly mould and algae. It covers scarring and surface imperfections and will not chip, flake or peel. It is also resistant to penetrating damp. All of which eliminates the need for frequent re-painting and for extra peace of mind our exterior wall coatings are guaranteed.

External wall insulation also helps prevent “Cold Bridging”. Cold Bridging occurs when a material that is a good conductor of heat makes a “bridge” between the warm interior and the cold exterior. They are a significant source of heat loss and can lead to mould and condensation forming in buildings.